7 must visit websites for Hackers

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Hacking means gaining access to someone else’s system.Hacking is a fancy thing for all of us but in fact there is a lot of hard work done behind the scenes.It takes time, dedication, hard work to become a good hacker.Here i am explaining about resources and websites to learn hacking.

Hacking tutorial:-This is a must and no.1 in the list if you want to learn hacking.As the name suggest you can find various hacking tutorials here.Tutorials on all type of hacking like windows,linux,android are available and all is free of cost.And if you are already a hacker you also can make money for writing about hacking.They pay you from $3 to $30 based on your content.Visit Hacking Tutorial here.


Go Hacking:-Gohacking.com is also wonderfull website for beginners to learn hacking.you can learn hacking from the ground here.It provide us information about cell phone hacking, website hacking, email hacking and various others.The website has a large number of How-to’s on hacking.Visit Go Hacking here.


Hack A Day:-This website provide you hacking tutorials mainly on hardware like GPS, Cell Phones and other gadgets.They also provide you fresh content everyday on various hacking techniques.Everyday hackers submit their hacking projects to website.you can learn a lot from these projects.you can visit Hack A Day here.



Evilzone:- This website is a must for learn hacking.It is stackoverflow+quora of hacking.There are almost 38597 members and 94833 posts on 14034 topics on Evil Zone as today.You can find answer about anything related to hacking.and you can also ask questions here.It is a big forum of hackers around the world.Visit EvilZone here.


Hack In The Box:- If you want to stay updated on hacking and security this is for you.This website consists hacking and security news and in depth hacking articles.You can visit Hack In The Box here.


Hack This Site:- This Site is a free, safe and legal training playground for hackers to test and polish their hacking skills.It is a living, breathing community with many active projects in development, with a large selection of hacking articles.It is also a huge forum where users can learn hacking, network security and many more.You can visit Hack This Site here

Hacking Loops:- This is another best website to learn hacking basics and more.here you can find lots of how to hack something tutorials.it also has a forum where you can ask question , answer question and do more.This website also has penetration testing tutorials and tools.you can visit Hacking Loops here.

Thus friends these are the great resources to learn hacking.But only resources can’t do anything.You have to take it seriously to become a hacker.In fact many people know programming well but many few of that have a craze for it.That craze is a must to become a hacker.Hacker don’t mind working hours whether it is midnight or midday.They work for long hours with same dedication and energy.So if you want to learn hacking accurately be ready for hard work and long hours.Best of luck.




SOURCE: www.cybergali.com

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