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The way to Set Up a Innovative Facebook Cover Video

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Perhaps you have thought about using movie instead of your Facebook protect photo?

Are you searching for innovative examples?

In this post, you’ll discover how in order to use a Facebook movie cover on your Fb page.

Exactly why Use a Facebook Include Video?

When users go to your page, your Fb cover image is a single of the first items they’ll notice. For brand new visitors, your cover image can assist represent your brand name and portray your tale in merely a few secs. It only makes feeling that a short video clip can accomplish this much better than a still photograph.

Video immediately grabs the particular audience’s attention. Just such as in the news give food to, a cover video may autoplay (without sound), sketching users’ eyes right in order to it. This might help maintain visitors on your web page and simultaneously drive a lot more engagement.

Your cover video clip will be more efficient if it gets the point across without audio, like in the instance below. If users click to allow sound, great! When they don’t, you haven’t lost anything.

Clean lines, lots of white space, and bright colors can all help draw users’ attention. You want your cover video to look great when it’s paused, and making sure every shot is visually interesting helps your page look more professional.

This cover video from Chipotle Mexican Grill, which is obviously most effective with sound, also works well without it thanks to the visual elements that are the underlying star of the video.

Guac This Way.

Posted by Chipotle Mexican Grill on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

If you don’t have the cover video feature yet, don’t worry; you’ll likely get it soon. It seems like newer pages with fewer followers are among the last to get access to most new features, and this is no exception. People in some countries may also see a slower rollout of this new feature, too.

How to Upload a Cover Video

Uploading a video as your Facebook cover image is as simple as uploading a new photo. Hover your mouse over the cover image on your Facebook page and you’ll see a camera icon pop up. Click the Change Cover icon.

When you have access to the guard video feature, you’ll see options to select the particular video from your selection (Choose From Videos) as well as upload a new film (Upload Photo/Video).

Choose a video that meets the technical requirements. A Facebook cover video must become no less than 820 x 312 pixels, with an recognized recommendation of 820 x 462 pixels. The video length must be between 20 and 90 seconds. If your video is too long, you’ll need to shorten it before uploading it to Facebook.

In case you try to use a video that doesn’t meet the requirements, Facebook will not let you upload it as a cover video clip.

three or more Ways to Use Fb Cover Videos

Looking regarding ways to effectively make use of video as your Fb cover image? Take the look at three superb use cases to encourage you.

Enhance a Nevertheless Image

If you’re confused about which video in order to choose, use animation in order to make an otherwise nevertheless image come alive. Hi there Social uses this technique within their cover video beneath.

Posted by Hello Social on Sunday, July 2, 2017

This Walt Disney World cover video (advertising their new park expansion, Pandora) is another good example. Because everything in Pandora is supposed to feel alive, a subtle animation gives the cover image a magical touch.

Pandora – The World of Avatar | Disney's Animal Kingdom

Welcome to a world beyond belief! Pandora – The World of Avatar is now open at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Posted by Walt Disney World on Saturday, May 27, 2017

Display Your Brand Personality

Whilst photographs are interesting, video clip is dynamic. You may inform your brand’s story plus showcase its personality a lot more proficiently with video clip.

Orgain’s cover video displays the brand’s human aspect by featuring a tiny kid complaining about foods he or she doesn’t like in a way that many parents can connect with.

Show How Your Product Functions

How-to content and lessons are some of the particular best use cases with regard to video on any interpersonal media site. A Fb cover video is a fantastic way to show customers a demo of your own product or describe exactly how to use a specific feature.

Shakr incorporates the textual explanation (for audiences watching with the audio muted) with this cover movie.

Shakr Demo

✅ Learn how Shakr works in 60 seconds! 🚀

Posted by Shakr on Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We’re in the age group of video on interpersonal media, and a lot of websites are finding new methods to inspire more video. Fb has been testing movie in cover images with regard to several months, and whilst not everyone has this just yet, the function is currently rolling out in order to more brands.

Using the cover video for the Fb page is a fantastic method to tell your brand’s story quickly while concurrently grabbing users’ attention. Posting a is as easy as uploading a picture, so test it away and see how this works for the business.
SOURCE: socialmediaexaminer.com




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